Thursday, August 21, 2008

Step away from the sewing machine...

I am just finishing up the first block from the Moda "Piece and Plenty" mystery BOM (yes, I know--it started a year ago!). After going back and forth on whether I was going to do machine or hand-turn appliqué, I decided to do machine appliqué. My machine has really been getting on my nerves--the bobbin thread keeps popping up. So I decided to step away. I just have to sew on the ribbons on the sides, but it can wait. I had to do this when I was making my first quilt. I took a 3 month break from it. But it was worth it. I was able to get back to it refreshed and not irritated at myself.

So I've planned out my next few projects. One of them is a framed project I found in Quilt magazine several months back. Its a hexagon block using paper piecing, and I love handwork, so I think it will be fun. It was designed by Mountain Patchwork, and they sell all kinds of kits for framed quilt blocks. Its given me a bunch of ideas for gifts!

Today the postman delivered some fabric! My husband got me some steals on eBay. I got 18 Moda 'Building Blocks' fat quarters for $14.50 and 15 Moda 'Poetry' fat quarters for $22.50!


Jeanette said...

LOVE that block, it's absolutely gorgeous!

Also love the framed block, let me know how you like to put those little hexagons together, I have wanted to try that but haven't come up with the nerve yet.

And great deal on the fabrics!

SewAmy said...

Love your new fabrics. I am sorry your machine is acting up. Hopefully it will be good as new soon.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

I completely understand you! I have many projects that are sitting in drawers just waiting to be finished. The block is so cute!! LOVE the new fabrics!!!!!! Great colors!!!!

:) Becky