Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Monday

Here are some fat free cookies for my friends, to help cure 'the Mondays'!

I made a new friend today: Jeanette from Utah. Thank you for your sweet words, Jeanette, I look forward to getting to know you!

In other news, I got my angel assignment today! I'm so excited to send off my first package. I want it to be perfect! Anyone with any advice of gifts to send to my secret swap partner, please let me know! I have been sleuthing on her blog to get to know her better.

Here's my notes so far...

I got a little piece of happiness in the mail today- an art print I ordered from Etsy!

I just love birds (I know, you figured that one out already!).

I started preparing my quilt today. I have bought a quilting stencil and some 'chalk spray' to mark it with. The quilt stencil doesn't really show up very well with the spray. Any suggestions?


Jeanette said...

Awww shucks =0)

I have no idea for your swap partner sorry. I don't know what to send mine either, but I am really excited to find fun things for her. I need to start investigating I guess and see what she likes. Did you get someone international or someone in the states?

Jeanette said...

Forgot until I hit submit that I was going to tell you I LOVE that birdie towel. So cute!

I had to help my mom clean out her shed the other day and I found a box with afghans and such from my wedding. In that box was a treasure I forgot I had. Days of the week stitched dish towels from my grandma. I will have to take a picture of them and post them. I thought they were kinda lame back when I was young and getting married. Now that I love vintage anything so much, I think they are awesome LOL

It's funny how our oppinions of things change over time.

Jeanette said...

Hi me again, yes I'm a dork but I wanted to say....

I just noticed your new blog header is up! Yay! It looks awesome, you must be thrilled.

Me, going back to my corner mumbling "I really need to think about what I want to say before I post because I'm starting to look like a stalker" LOL

Quilted Quickies said...

Hi Jennifer,
A friend of mine was bloggin' and came upon your blog and noticed your table runner in one of your photos. My friend noticed it was my design, so I just had to stop by and thank you for your support for choosing one of our patterns...Quilted Quickies - Charm School Lesson 3. So anyway, just thought I'd stop by and say "hi" and "thanks"...cute blog too!