Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ahh..the weekend!

I finished the center of my Shangri-La jelly roll quilt top. I had to order the fabric for the borders, backing, binding, etc. So when that gets delivered I can started quilting it. I am terrified! I have never quilted my own quilt before. Hopefully it will turn out okay. I ordered stencils online and have read up on it as much as I can. Wish me luck!

Now I am starting quilts for my sister-in-law. One will be a jelly roll quilt, and then I would also like to make her a wedding ring quilt, which I haven't done before.

I'm looking forward to getting alot of sewing done over the weekend, since Todd is home. I've got some caramel rolls upstairs; I've been waiting for the dough to rise and now its about that time-time to pop them in the oven!


from little acorns said...

Oh, . . . I have a feeling if your first time quilting is anything like your first quilt. . . it will be amazing! Go for it!
xo, Bren