Sunday, August 10, 2008

Flying Circus

A little sneak peek at my Woodland Bloom jelly roll quilt. I told my next door neighbor Donna that she could have first dibs on it for her baby girl.

Remeber the movie "Pollyanna"?

My Aunt has been giving me all of her vintage children's books, and I saw this one. The illustrated Pollyanna is even Hayley Mills! I used to love the movie, and pretty much all Haley Mills' movies.Todd attempted to take Liberty to the 'Flying Circus' (its an air show, not an actual circus) in Warrenton today. They started walking up to the field and they announced that they were canceling the show due to thunderstorm warnings! Liberty was completely heartbroken. So Todd took her to Chuckie Cheese. They are having the air show next weekend, too, so we are all going to try to see it then.