Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My OCD Moment

I went a little OCD today. I ripped apart my entire Bareroots stitchery and replaced all the borders. But it was well worth it. I just wasn't digging the original borders. I had a partial Moda Sanctuary jelly roll that worked out perfectly for replacing the borders. Now I just have to add a couple more borders and finish the embroidery. Here are a few pics:

On another note, Wilbur is now famous! I was looking at one of my FAVE blogs, Little Acorns, and who do you think was on the main page? Why, Wilbur Wright Davis. I showed him his picture, and I must say, he is quite full of himself now, strutting all around the house.

Todd is TDY for a few days, so this is my first time ALONE with two kids since Wyatt was born. Not too stressed out about it, but wish me luck!


from little acorns said...

Hi Jennifer!
I just realized that you have a blog!. . . & it's wonderful! I love your hydrangea header & the stitchery is beautiful! (Embroidery is one of my first loves!!!)
Well between your Wilber & my Bailey - I'd say we have two little struttin' fluffybumps on our hands! :-)
xo, Bren

SewAmy said...

Hi, found your blog because I am a stitcher's angel too. I love Bareroots patterns. I am quilting one now. And working on there advent calendar pattern.