Saturday, August 16, 2008

Flying Circus, Take 2

Well, we finally made it to the Flying Circus. It was wonderful. It takes place in an old grass airfield out in the middle of nowhere, and has a 1920s theme. As soon as I got out of the car, there was Cole Porter music playing. The weather was good, warm, but with a nice breeze. Of course Liberty loved it-she's airplane crazy. She even got to go on a little kids airplane ride. It was just a large toy airplane that goes up about 4 feet in the air. Wyatt slept through the whole thing, but maybe next year he'll be old enough to enjoy it.

The airplanes, all lined up, ready to go.

Liberty, getting a little sleepy.

So I survived Todd's first out-of-town trip since the baby was born. I also found a great babysitter, so when Todd goes out of town again next week, I'm going to have her come over and help out with the kids so I can get some schoolwork done.

I banked some hours on the internet this week looking at Blythe Dolls. I first saw them on Doe's blog. I am totally addicted. Of course, I must get one. I told my husband about them and that I needed one, and the sweetie that he is, said "Yes, Dear" as any good husband knows to do. I can't wait. I am planning on getting the 'Welcome Winter' doll. The most fun part about Blythe dolls is all the fun clothes and accessories. They are great dolls for grown ups, especially because of the grown up price tag!

My other internet venue this week was Etsy. Do not go on that website unless you have some serious time to spend. I made a few purchases: an art print of birds that made me smile (and I just love birds anyway), a bird bracelet, and some bird earrings (I'm not sure that that link will work). Yes, I know, birds birds birds!

The web designer almost has my page done. Look for it on Monday or Tuesday. I just saw the latest preview and I'm really excited about it. It has hydrangeas, a bird, and a vintage quilt picture on it, and that's all I'm going to say!


Jeanette said...

I just found your blog today and already feel like I have found a friend.

It just seems like the more I read, the more I feel like we are similar (except the skinny thing, I don't have that going for me LOL).

I can't wait to read more!