Monday, August 11, 2008

International Sensation!

My husband thought no one was reading my blog, but I have proved him wrong! I got a handy little ticker (bottom right of page) that shows how many visitors I get each day and which country they are from. So, Todd-HA! I would love it if some of you would post a little comment and tell me about yourself! The whole point of my blog was to meet fellow quilters/crafters. So please, fell free to leave a comment!

Today, after browsing through some of my favorite blogs, I was inspired to use up some of my scraps. I decided to make a doll quilt out of some leftover reproduction fabrics (I had used a charm pack to make a lap quilt for my mom). Here's what it looks like so far:

Another added benefit to making a little quilt is I can practice my machine quilting. I am quite please with myself :)

Some other big news...I found a company online that custom designs blog layouts for a reasonable price: Shabbee Chick Designs. They are going to start my design process on the 15th (Friday)! I am so excited! My brain just can't learn new computer skills anymore! I tried to figure out how to make my blog prettier, but it hurt my head too much!


Doe said...

I love scrappy quilts! This quilt reminds me of Spring. So pretty. Great job!