Monday, January 26, 2009

No camera!

Well, I am without a camera again! DH took it to California this week, so there will be no new pictures until he gets back. In the meantime, I thought I'd give you all a little "Ode to Etsy".

I LOVE Etsy. LOVE LOVE LOVE. There are so many fabulous things there, and usually very affordable. I always feel good about buying on Etsy, because I feel like I am supporting an artist. With the economy being in the shambles the way it is, I think the grassroots method is the best way I can help. So I decided to share a few things from my 'favorites' section. (The photos are linked to the seller's site)

Artwork by laurenalexander

Pin topper by gigiminor

Felt pattern by littledeer (I ordered mine today!)

Headbands by xoxotova

Embroidery patterns by loopsies
Tote bay by Prettylittlethings

Artwork by Dudadaze

Pincushions by The Daily Pincushion

I encourage you all to check Etsy out (if you haven't already). Its also a great place to find fabric!! Just go to the search box, type in your favorite things, and start browsing. Help support an artist/fellow crafter!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I finished another project: Amy Butler's "Sophia" purse. Its for a class I will be teaching at the shop. There is a LOT of pattern pieces to cut out, but it is SO worth it! The purse is fabulous! It turned out nice and sturdy. Here's a picture of the inside:It's got four nice big pockets inside. I've also been playing around with Helen's "Colourque" technique! What a blast! If you've ever colored in a coloring book before, you can do this. Here's my first attempt:I still have to quilt it, so I'll show an update then. I am also teaching a class about the technique.
In other news, I started a new math (yuck!) class. My husband, aka the smartest person on the planet, has graduate studies in math, so I thought, "I should get him to help me." Big mistake. FOUR hours later, he's still upstairs, making "notes" for me. So I abandoned him and came down here to blog. He claims his mind just works at too high of a level to deal with this "low-level math". Ha! I can barely handle this "low-level math". However, if all the questions were phrased as quilt math problems, I could probably figure it out! :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Fat man in a little stroller

So I'm writing my term paper, when I heard Todd singing "faaaat maaan in a little stroller...faaat maaan in a little stroller" I look up, and there's Wyatt in a doll stroller! In case you don't know the 'fat man' reference, there's a clip here.
I've been busy busy making samples for the shop and writing papers for school. Yuck! Almost done! I'm already dreaming of the things I'm going make for me! I'm rolling into a new decade in less than 2 weeks. Not very happy. I will accpet your condolences.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Zippered Pouch Tutorial

I'm always looking for some "cute" thing to carry my miscellaneous sewing supplies in for trips, classes and whatnot. With the arrival of a "Darla" fabric grab bag, I came up with the following pattern. Its roomy enough to carry a bunch of stuff, and quick to make. I made mine without a strap, but I included directions for one, since I know some people prefer them.

Here we go! What you'll need:

2 10 ½” squares for outside
2 10 ½” squares for lining
2 10 ½ x 3 ½” rectangles for contrast fabric
11” or longer all-purpose zipper
Coordinating thread
2 10 ½ x 9 ½ “ pieces of quilt batting
*12 x 4” strip for strap (optional)

* for optional strap: Press 12 x 4” strip in half, lengthwise. Open and fold sides toward center. Press. Topstitch along edges.

Press under ½” on one long side of each contrasting rectangle fabric.
Line up raw edges along top and sides with 10 ½” squares for outside of clutch. Topstitch, using coordinating thread and a ¼” seam.Press under ½” along top edges of both rectangles. Line up zipper along top of fabric. Mark zipper tape along the edge of fabric. Make sure zipper pull is 1/4" away from other side of fabric. Take a needle and thread and whipstitch across zipper teeth, 1/4" in from mark. Clip excess zipper tape off.Open up seam allowances, center along zipper tape, and line up raw edges with outside of zipper tape, right sides together. Sew zipper to fabric. Repeat for other side, turning over seam allowances when done. Press under ½” along top edges of lining fabric squares. Layer outside fabric wrong side up, quilt batting square, the lining fabric right side up. Line up quilt batting along bottom and sides of outside fabric. Pin. Topstitch along edges of zipper.In order to stay close to zipper, I stop about an inch from the zipper pull. With the needle down, I lift the presser foot and pull the zipper back behind the needle. Then I continue sewing to the end.*If you choose to add a strap: Fold strap in half and pin to right side of outside fabric, about 1” down from zipper. Pin length of strap to center of outside fabric so that it does not get caught in seam.

Flip lining fabric so that it is right sides together and sew along sides and bottom, leaving a 2” opening in the center of the bottom for turning. Square two bottom corners by opening up pouch, match side seams, measure up 2" from point and mark. Stitch across line and clip corners. Repeat for outside fabric. Turn pouch right side out and slip stitch opening in lining closed. Insert lining into pouch. You’re done!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Say hello to my little friend!

I caught the Blythe fever! In case you haven't heard of Blythe before, they are dolls from Japan. Well, I finally got my first one. Her name is Fiona, and above is a picture of her in an outfit I made. I'm thinking of making Blythe clothes and selling them on Etsy to support my habit! Liberty was a little confused when she first showed up (What? A doll for Mommy?!). But now she is completely fascinated by her. She'll stand in front of her and just stare. I have some more fun stuff coming in the mail this week, so I'll be posting more pictures then!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year, everybody! I figured I should put my New Year's resolutions out there...maybe it will make me more accountable. So here they are:
1. Make time for myself (all you moms out there know what I'm talking about)
2. Sew something just for me (maybe I'll start with the BOM above)
3. Stop being so nit-picky about my sewing mistakes
4. Eat healthier
5. Figure out Adobe Photoshop
6. Decorate my sewing "studio"
Now how about the rest of you?