Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Hunt for Minny Muu is Over!

All right! All you people scouring the web looking for Minny Muu Volume 3: your search is over! As I mentioned, I recently started working for a local quilt shop, Epicurean Crafts.
I talked the owner into carrying Minny Muu fabric! Okay...she didn't take much convincing--she saw it at Houston and thought it was adorable.
You've probably seen the fabric on Monica's blog, or on Melly & Me. The owner is in the process of overhauling the shop's webpage, but you should be able to pre-order it now. It will be arriving in the next couple of weeks, and I CANNOT wait to start sewing with it! I'm definitely going to have to make the "Once Upon a Time" BOM and Monica's Happy Zoo quilt (its a free pattern!), and maybe a purse, or a skirt for Liberty....okay, I'll stop myself now!

And the Winner Is...

I called my random number generator (Aunt Janice) and she said number 17! Congratulations Conni! Please email me your address (there's a link on my profile page) so I can mail it to you before I leave town for the holidays. For all of you who were not winners this time, there are more giveaways to come!

Now for a couple of sneak peeks. Here are some pictures of what I'm working on for the shop:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Announcement...and a Giveaway!

**Clarification: You have until midnight on Wednesday, November 19th to enter in the giveaway!**

I have an announcement to make! I have recently taken a job teaching quilting and embroidery classes at my favorite quilt shop! I am so excited! I barely want to talk about it in case I jinx it! Its a wonderful shop with wonderful women who work there, and I will tell you more about it in the days and weeks to come!

Now for the giveaway! Below is a sneak peek...there may be some more surprises in the winner's box! Here's the rules:
Leave a comment between now and next Wednesday and tell me either your favorite class you ever took at a quilt shop, or one you would like to take. Post a link to the giveaway on your blog and you'll get another chance to win! I will randomly select a winner Thursday morning. Good luck!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cinderberry Stitches--Done!

I finally finished my Cinderberry Stitches embroidery. All I have left is to quilt it, but I'm going to have to wait awhile...I still have the Shangri-La quilt on my machine. Its taking me awhile to finish that and take care of the babies at the same time! I should have it done this weekend. Here's a close up:I also got my Ottobre magazine. I ordered it on Monday from Australia, and it arrived with the mail this afternoon! In case you don't know about Ottobre, its a pattern magazine, so it has patterns for all the clothing shown.
I love the jacket and bubble skirt!Wouldn't this dress be fabulous in Heather Bailey fabric?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I signed up for the Autumn House Block-of-the-Month by Bunny Hill Designs. It starts in January, and I can't wait!

I also saw some swatches of the Oh-Cherry-Oh line by Moda coming out in February. I am drooling! I might even have to make Liberty a cute dress out of it.Is anyone out there going to Spring Quilt Market in Chicago this April? I told my husband, "I am GOING!" I wanted to go to the one in Houston, but we went to Disneyworld around the same time. So Spring Market will be my "momacation"!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

...and boy are my arms tired!

I have been machine quilting all day, and boy are my arms tired! I definitely need to get some of those quilting gloves to help hold the fabric. Anyway, it is not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. I can tell this is going to be a whole new outlet for me!

Of course, I had a devoted audience:

My happy boy (his hair is growing in blond!!)
Wilbur has a talent of finding the most comfortable seat in the house:
Back to the grindstone!