Sunday, December 21, 2008

Two Posts in One Day!

I have an extra post for you all today! I went in to the shop and decided to show some pictures.
Here is my favorite part of the shop--the fat quarter table! It's just beautiful!

Here is my favorite sample from the shop. Its a wool sampler, and we have it in a kit. I'm definitely going to be making this one!
Here is a picture of our wall that has samples of different wool projects:
This case has samples of some punch-needle and Bareroots stitcheries.
Some more wool pictures:

A new Fig Tree line:
Part of our Amy Butler line:
And, finally, here is a sample of a Bareroots pattern, stitched by Barri herself!

Triangle Fat Quarter Folding

I have a fun little tutorial for you all: Triangle fat quarter folding. Its a great way to fold fat quarters to give as a gift. Here we go:

First, lay out your fat quarter and fold into thirds, lengthwise.

Tuck up the lower left-hand corner. This is what will make the point of your first triangle. It may take a little adjusting until you get the hang of it. Start folding from the bottom right-hand side.
Continue folding until there is a small flap left. Tuck flap inside.Now stack, criss-cross style. Tie with a ribbon or piece of twine and you're done!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stop Right There, Janice!

Sorry...had to give my Aunt one more warning...I'm posting a picture of her Christmas gift, and I don't want her to peek! So, here it is!It's the "Pick A Pocket" tote bag that was in Quilts & More, and designed by the fabulous Monica. When I was back in Idaho, I took my Aunt to the quilt shop to help her pick out the fabrics. She had a hard time doing it herself--I think she went to the shop like 3 or 4 times. They must've thought she was a stalker. So, those are the fabrics we picked out. Its Amy Butler and Freespirit fabric. She wanted it to be 'stiff', so I added some buckram. Let me tell you, that was an adventure! I think I broke 3 sewing needles. I didn't have any bigger needles, and the Jo-Ann's by my house is closing in February (they are moving just down the street) so they are running out of inventory and not ordering anymore! Aargh! Its like a twisted, sewing version of a "Got Milk?" commercial!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mental Sanity...

I'm getting there! I've been a little overwhelmed lately. I had to actually write down a list of all the things I need to do and prioritize it. Instead of shuffling around my house like a crazy woman, trying to figure out what I should do first, I had a nice little piece of paper to tell me. So...I finally finished little Ella's quilt.Her mommy picked out the fabric-Woodland Bloom. I also finished an appliqué pillow for a class I will be teaching in a few months. No picture yet, though--my camera battery died! So be prepared for more pictures tomorrow!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Mailbox Love from Japan!

I got a HUGE surprise in my mailbox today!! A package from Lecien. It technically came from California (from a lovely woman named Nireko). To make a long story short, Monica, who knows Nireko, told her about my previous post and my Minni Muu love. So Nireko got my address from her and mailed me some gorgeous COSMO embroidery floss! And let me tell is the silkiest embroidery floss I have ever felt! She even sent along a portfolio of all of their colors. It has the actual floss on it, not just a color image. All I have to say is..."Goodbye, DMC!" I don't think I'll ever be able to go back.

I'll have more posts soon. I know I've been missing for awhile (holidays and all that), but I have a lot of finished projects to show you!