Friday, August 1, 2008

It's okay to get a little dirty!

Just finished taking Liberty outside to play with her sidewalk chalk. She's getting a little OCD in her old age. She can't stand being dirty. I had to wipe off her hands ever 10 seconds because they had chalk on them. Check out the video of her on the right-hand tool bar-you'll see what I'm talking about.

Yesterday was an eventful internet day for me. I joined an online quilting group, Our Quilting Beehive (thank you all for making me feel so welcome!). I also stumbled on a couple of new fabulous blogs: and
I MUST find the Lecien Minny Muu Volume 3 fabric featured on the Happy Zombie page. It is from Japan. Hmmm, maybe I can send my good friend Lauren off in search of it!

There is so much fabulous quilting and crafting stuff on the internet. It's great for a stay at home mom such as myself. So all you fellow crafters out there, get to exploring the web!

Oh-and I did change the border after all (see post below). Now I'm at my second-guessing myself stage about my project. After I work on something for awhile, I start to get all stressed out about it. Someone once told me that's because when you work so closely on something, you start seeing all the flaws, etc.