Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hi Todd!

This picture is for Todd. He is on the road this week, so he's checking my blog for pictures of his princess. So we can't talk bad about him :)

He took Liberty to the doctor today for her preschool checkup before he went to the airport. Then he took her to Walmart for a 'surprise'. I told him not to get her a new fish. Her old one died, and she's been asking for a new one. He was going to get her a new tractor, but she saw the baby dolls and HAD to rescue one. She is on a one-woman mission to free all the baby dolls from all the stores. She honestly believes they are being held there against their will!

She came in the door carrying her baby doll. While I was taking her shoes off, she said, "Mommy I got fishie. Daddy buy me fishie." I stood up and looked for Todd, and I could see him hiding behind the kitchen wall. I said, "Todd, did you buy her a new fish?" And Liberty said, "Yes Mommy. I show you." And she took me into the kitchen and showed me her new 'fishie' in the Walmart bag. Todd eventually came out of hiding. I should of known he was up to something-he was giggly all morning. Here she is with a picture of Fred the First (may he rest in peace):

Yesterday I went to the library to stock up on books before Todd left. I love the library! All the books I want for free! My library has a webpage where you can go online and look up books and request them. Then when they're ready, you just walk in and they have them all waiting for you at the front desk! Its the best! Even my dad's library in Idaho has the same thing. So I go online and pick out books for him and my mom picks them up. he says its like Christmas.This week I am concentrating on finishing my stitchery and reading books. Oh--and getting my Angel Swap buddy's package ready to go. Here are some updated pics of the stitchery. I'm really loving how its turning out.


from little acorns said...

Liberty is such a cutie-pie! When I was little, I used to think the same thing about the stuffed animals at the store. To me - it was as if they were at the pound. . . & needed to come home with us - so they could have a good home! My poor parents. . . I even cried once.
Love your Bareroots stitchery. . . it's looking beautiful! (& is this a new blog layout?)
xo, Bren