Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stafford Quilt Show

It has been a busy quilt weekend for me so far! I had the quilt class Friday night (which was a blast), my first Bernina class today, and then I hit a small quilt show afterward.

The Bernina class was amazing! I have wanted a Bernina for a while now, and I kinda wondered if I got one if it would live up to my expectations. Let me just tell has exceeded my expectations! Most of the women in my class have had Berninas before (some for over 25 years!), and they got a newer one for the stitch regulator. I learned so many cool tricks today. I can't wait for my class next week...we're going to focus on the BSR foot (Bernina Stitch Regulator).

Now to the quilt pictures!

Of course I go straight to the appliqué quilts!

Isn't this machine quilting beautiful? I'm a little obsessed machine quilting right now, because that is my next challenge
A miniature quilt (about a foot and a half long). Look at those perfect points!

More machine quilting!
A wool appliqué quilt

This was all quilted by machine!

This entire quilt was hand appliquéd and hand quilted

Hydrangea, my favorite flower!


Joy said...

Wow, those quilts are outstanding!!! I love the black one with the house and the vegies on it ... it's so different. Looks like you had a great time :o).

SewAmy said...

will you be going to the 'Fredricksburg Quilt Festival' Nov 8th?

SewAmy said...

I see you have 'The Seasons' quilt on your list. I saw this quilt done at the Hampton quilt show, it is beautiful. Did you get the pattern for it or the whole kit?