Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ode to Wilbur

Excuse me, please, while I go a little crazy on my dog. As most of you know, I have a little Maltese named Wilbur. I never had a pet growing up (other than horses), and I was terrified of dogs (I had been attacked by dogs twice as a young child). My husband decided that he wanted to get a BIG dog. He told me I 'needed' t o get a little dog so I could get 'comfortable' around dogs. He also told me that if I was going to get a 'girlie' dog it better be a boy, at least. So I found an ad in the paper for 3 Maltese puppies (2 girls, one boy) in the paper. I called and the woman told me there was already a list for the girls, but no one wanted the boy yet. So I rushed down there. I walked into the house, and as I rounded the corner, I made direct eye contact with my little baby. I was the weirdest thing, there were 5 adults, 2 children and 3 puppies, and he was what my eyes landed on first. It was love at first sight. There was an older woman there, and I swear she was Cruella DeVille. She was wearing a white furry (Maltese fur??!) jacket and holding one of the girls. The woman who paced the ad told me Cruella was waiting to see if I wanted Wilbur or not, because she wanted him too. I said, "I'll take him!" He was the cutest thing. He weighed less than a pound and could stand up on the palm of my hand. My husband came home a few days later (he had been out of town when I got Wilbur) and Wilbur and I picked him up from the airport. He wasn't too happy about me getting Wilbur without talking to him first, so I said I would pay for him. Well, when he laid eyes on him, he broke out in a huge smile. He picked him up and looked him in the eye and said, "I'LL pay for him, he's my dog!" It was love at first sight for him, too. They became two peas in a pod. He would take Wilbur everywhere with him. He decided that Wilbur liked riding in the car with his head out the window, so at night he would drive around the neighborhood. Needless to say, that BIG dog never showed up!

This is Todd signing Bluegrass and dancing with Wilbur
The first time he met Liberty... He crawled right in her car seat and laid downHe's always been very protective of her that Wilbur in her crib? How'd he get in there?!
Teaching Liberty to crawl
Another hard day of supervising his sisterMy cuddlebug
His favorite place...bedEvery Christmas, Daddy gets him a big bone
Sitting at the table for Christmas dinner (he has excellent table manners!)
Sleep tight!
That's it! I know all you dog lovers will understand! I believe that our pets are angels sent down from heaven to bring us joy. So give all your little angels extra hugs!


from little acorns said...

Wilber is adorable! How could anyone not fall in love!
xo, Bren

bee'nme said...

Oh, he is a thief of hearts to be sure...I'm smitten too :o) Wilbur is a real treasure and he seems to take real good care of his people as well! Thanks for sharing the photos. We have a Pek-a-Poo and she has a similar look to Wilbur...something about those deep brown-black eyes and black nose surrounded by the sweet flopsy white fur that is irrestistable...

Found your blog by thumbing through some of Becky's blog links at Sweet Cottage Dreams...gotcha bookmarked and look forward to heading back soon.

Give Wilbur a hug from us down here in Houston...looks like he might be lacking a little affection ;o) (ha!)

Hugs and Blessings,
Becky Schultea
Just Bee 'n Me

Jeanette said...

Whew, I am so glad, when I first saw this I thought there was going to be sad news at the end.

SO glad there's not!

He is such a cute baby, I can see why you all love him so much.

SewAmy said...

That is the sweetest post and the cutest dog, Wilbur. Love his name.