Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sewing Away!

I've been busy sewing away! I'm finishing up my Cinderberry Stitches project, preparing two quilts for machine quilting, peicing two more quilt tops, and I just started the Moda Mystery Designer block-of-the-month. I just love the fabric! Especially the mint and chocolate one! Makes me hungry. I also finished another Dear Jane block:
I had a really hard time getting a picture of this one: my camera wouldn't focus right, and it kept curling up on me (it's only about 4 inches square, and has a lot of seams!).
I have also started designing a few quilts: a miniature quilt, and a combination pieced and appliquéd quilt about the life story of one of my ancestors...she was quite the character. She was a pioneer woman, farmer's wife, writer, and preacher! I will be posting some of her writings, so keep an eye out for those!


from little acorns said...

Love your blocks! You are a very accurate piecer. . . Wow!! Beautiful blocks! I love that you are designing your own quilt. . . it will be so special - I can tell!
xo, Bren