Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rebecca Barker's Quiltscapes

Yesterday I stumbled upon an amazing artist, Rebecca Barker. She has a beautiful series of quilt-inspired paintings. I have selected a few (with her permission) to share with you. She also has two quilt books (available on her website) that feature her original artwork and the quilt patterns that go along with them. Enjoy!

"Oregon Trail"
"Pennsylvania Dutch"
"Fire Flies"
"Ohio Star"
"Grandmother's Flower Garden"


Cara said...

OOh! Her stuff is gorgeous isn't it?! When I was at the Lancaster quilt show she had a booth there and I got some of her notecards to hang in my nook- she was very sweet and down to earth...can never get enough of her stuff!

SewAmy said...

I had never seen these before. thank you. Love the fire flies and grandma's garden ones.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

How lovely! I love all of the colors she uses.


Deb said...

This is lovely stuff, the other artist who does a lot of watercolour quilt painting is Diane Phelan. She has a website , have a look when you get a minute