Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Inheritance

Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile will remember this emotional post about a year ago. Well, about a month ago I received the rest of my inheritance from my grandmother: two trunks of antique quilts! My mom (the quilt hoarder) has a lot more, but she let me have these :)

An antique scrap quilt. Most of these fabrics are leftovers from the other quilts in our family collection.
This is a well-loved and very faded quilt
Perfect hand piecing
I couldn't believe it when I saw this one (my hubby is a pilot)!
This one is just amazing: needle-turn applique and embroidery:

A closeup of one of the blocksAnother embroidery one, very faded:
I also got an antique sewing machine from my Aunt. She was using it as a table, and knew I would love it, so she gave it to me. Isn't that sweet? Something is stuck in the table, so I haven't been able to get the sewing machine out yet. My hubby will have to use his carpentry skills to fix it.

Here's the instruction manual:
The sewing feet in a velvet-lined metal box:
And the little drawers were still full of vintage notions!
Some threads:
And rick rack:
I love it all so much and feel so blessed to have received all these treasures from my family. If any of you have any advice for displaying and caring for antiques quilts, I'd love to hear it!


rachel griffith said...

SO happy for you that you have your grandmother's quilts.

karen said...

What a blessed gift! A stunning treasure! All those beautiful quilts, all that work, all that love. Was the child's quilt for you perhaps?

SewAmy said...

they are all so beautiful. I really love the airplane one. What treasures!

dokiquilts said...

what an incredible inheritance--the quilts are lovely and even more special since they were made by your grandmother. i especially love the scrappy quilt. what treasures!

The Quilt Buddy said...

I love all of your family treasures! I think that you know which one is my favorite.....the airplane quilt!

I know that you will love and cherish all of them!

Barb said...

You are so fortunate to inherit those quilts....I am sure it is full of memories of grandma. Enjoy.

Sherri said...

What wonderful quilts! A beautiful inheritance! I've recently spent quite a bit of time documenting a lot of my family's wonderful to have this connection to the past!

Joy said...

Oooooh Jennifer you've been truly blessed!! What treasures you have in your Grandmother's quilts - especially the one with planes ;o). Such wonderful keepsakes. Can't wait to see the Antique sewing machine .... I'm green with envy looking at all those fabulous vintage notions. You must have had a fabulous time going through all of those :o).
Joy :o)

quiltmom said...

What treasures from your grandmother. Did she make all of these beautiful quilts?
I have a collection of notions that came from my gran as well as a treadle sewing machine.
My gran passed nearly 6 years ago and her things continue to help me feel close to her- I am sure your gran's quilts will help you do that too.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful antique quilts.

Sinta Renee said...

What wonderful treasures and sweet memories for you! The airplane quilt was just meant to be! I like the Churn Dash one too:)

Deb said...

What absolutely gorgeous quilts. Such a special gift full of memories and love.

Julie said...

How beautiful. Lots of memories and I'm sure the quilt maker/s would be very happy to know all their loving hard work is on good hands and will last forever. I wish my Grandmother had been a quilter, I would love to have inherited a quilt she had made. I'm going to make up for it. There will be plenty to share around when I go. lol

Petit Debutant said...

That is so awesome! and the Bernina story, I was just about crying with you!

happy zombie said...