Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quick and Easy Picnic Blanket

A friend of mine asked me to make her a little picnic blanket for her daughter's tea set. I decided I'd share it, just in case!

You can make any size you want: I used two fat quarters. I pinned large rick rack around all four sides. Pin it on the right side of one of your pieces of fabric (it doesn't matter which one), aligning the edges of the rick rack and the fabric.
Pull the raw ends of the rick rack over the edge of the fabric, overlapping them like so:
Layer your other piece of fabric on top, right sides together and pin.Sew around all four sides, leaving a 2" opening for turning. Turn right side out and press. Top stitch 1/8" around all four sides. Done!


Jeannette said...
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Jeannette said...

What a great picnic blanket imagine it larger for an adult size blanket. I must put this on my to do list.

Kaye Prince said...

Very cute Jennifer! I wish I knew a little girl that I could make this for!

Anonymous said...

I have total envy over how easily this stuff comes to you. You know, "when I grow up..." etc. Sigh.