Saturday, June 13, 2009

Watching the Storm Roll In

There comes a time for all bloggers when you question whether or not to talk about something in your blog. You have to decide if you want to cross that line. Well, this is my time. I've decided to share something with you. Maybe because if I put it out there, I can move on. Or maybe because if one of you has been through something similar, you can offer me some advice. So here goes.

Over a week ago, my husband, my two babies, Wilbur and myself set off to drive cross-country to my parent's farm in Idaho. We left one evening, and by midnight, Wyatt started getting sick. Really sick. We ended up stopping at the Toledo, Ohio Children's Hospital. I thought they'd give him an IV and he'd be fine. Well, he wasn't. It was very scary. They ended up admitting him to the hospital. I spent the first day sitting next to his crib, holding his limp little hand that was all bandaged up with tubes taped all over it. He was so sick, and so pitiful, all I could do was cry. After two days without sleep, I started to doze off in the hospital chair.

My phone rang.

It was my husband, calling to tell me that our car was broken in to. While I was at the hospital with Wyatt, he and Liberty were staying at a hotel. The hotel security guard scared them off. But not before they got my purse. I never leave my purse, or anything valuable in the car. And either does my husband. But that night, he had to carry my sleeping daughter and puppy and an overnight bag in to the hotel. As he was getting ready to go back to the car to bring our stuff in, hotel security called.

In my purse was my first Blythe doll, Fiona (those of you who have been reading my blog will be familiar with her), our digital camera, and a bunch of "little things": baby toys, diaper, wipes, a know how Mom purses are.

And my wedding rings.

That's right. A complete bad stroke of luck that they were even in there. There is no material object that cannot be replaced, other than my wedding rings. I know we've all heard these stories before.

I was not prepared for the emotional turmoil this would bring. Every day I try to focus on the important things: Wyatt is healthy again (after 3 days at the Children's Hospital), it could've been a lot worse, and my family is safe. My husband missed crossing paths with these criminals by minutes.

But I cannot get over the disgust that someone out there has my things. Someone has my wedding rings. The rings I was supposed to wear for a lifetime. Gone in a matter of minutes.

What really disgusts me, is that these criminals walked up to my car, looked in the window, saw two little car seats, and smashed my windows, filling the carseats with shards of glass. When they got away with my purse, they saw a mom's purse. Toys, diapers. Did they ever pause and think about the family they had affected? What we now have to go through? Weeks and weeks of insurance claims, paperwork, and car repairs. We had to get the windows replaced. We need to get the damaged passenger door replaced, new keys, new locks, new ignition keys (because they have my keys as well), we're still finding pieces of glass all over the interior of the car. We have to file three insurance claims: one for the damage to the car, one for my jewlery, and one for all the stolen goods. Along with that we have to meet three separate deductibles.

But will I ever feel safe again? Will I ever stop thinking "what if"?

Tonight I sat on the front porch of my parent's farmhouse and watched a storm roll in. It was so quiet, just the distant sounds of thunder, the smell of rain and a cool breeze. The storm stayed for awhile, then was gone. And like a cliche, the sun broke through the clouds and I saw a rainbow.

Thanks for the sign, Big Guy. I know you're looking out for me.


Rebecca said...

Wow! I don't even know what to say. What a time you've had! I am so glad that your little guy is healthy! And I'm glad you are all safe! But, what incredible pain that thoughtless thief gave!!! How he violated you and your family! I'm sure this is an incredibly difficult time for you, and I am thinking of you...

Joy said...

Jennifer I'm so glad your little boy is ok. But oh my goodness what you've been through. Such a low act for anyone to break into a car that is so clearly a family car - makes you wonder how desperate a person would have to be???
I'm sure the rainbow was a sign too :o). I hope things will be better for you soon :o).
Joy :o)

rachel griffith said...

oh jennifer.
i had been seeing some of your twitter updates, but putting it all together like this...
my heart really goes out to you & your family.

although this is a very heart breaking time, now more than ever, is the time to rely on your faith in god.
he will, without a doubt, lift you & your family up.

i'm happy to hear that wyatt is feeling better, and that your hubby & daughter were protected by angels that night.

wish i could give you a big, huge hug.
and i'm very thankful that you are at home with your mom & dad.
families are such a blessing from god.

The Quilt Buddy said...

Hang in there Jennifer! You always have us! (and the B girls)!

Love your photo. I could sit there all afternoon with a tall galss of Sweet Tea!


quiltmom said...

Jennifer, how horrible for you all. With time, I hope you will regain your sense of safety.
It is appalling that someone would do those things. It is natural to be angry and horrified and violiated all at the same time. There is no explaining why people will do the desperate things that they do.
About a year ago someone came and shot out a single window in each of the cars along our street. They didn't take anything - it was pure vandalism and a large pain for each of us along the block. I had an old car at the time so finding a window was a big pain in the you know where.. I was just glad no one was hurt because of it.
More importantly, I am glad your child is feeling better and that you have been able to spend some time with your family. Wrap yourself in the healing power of your loving family.
I am so sorry for your loss and aggravation..
Warmest regards,

Barb said...

Oh my heart feels for you. I am glad that your baby is healthy, that you whole family is safe.

ske3my said...

first off i am glad you and your family are safe .. i can understand what you are feeling and going through ... i did not have my car broken into, but my home .. driving into the garage with a small child i see the side door and the door to the house moving in the breeze .. what, i know that was locked tight when i went to work .. he busted right through the deadbolt and all ... i could not even secure the doors for the night and i never slept until the doors were repaired. the feeling of someone coming in my house and going through my dresser drawers and closet and who knows what else was .. it is hard to find the right word .. but i felt totally violated even though it was my house and not me .. it took time, a long time to have some sense of security again .. i pray you will find that too .. the things were just things and could be replaced .. however, i would feel different if it was my wedding ring .. it holds great meaning for you and symbolizes so much .. however, you still have each other and nothing can change that ... sorry to be so long .. karen ca

Cara said...

Hey girl- I am glad that you decided to write this post, I know that it can be very cathartic and what other reason do us bloggers have our blogs? You know you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers...I am just glad that you are all healthy again and safe at your parents. Hang in there and as Stef said- you know we are here for you! Miss ya tons and I to love your photos

Jeanette said...

I'm so sorry for everything you're going through right now. Most of all I am SO GLAD that your little one is doing better.

As for the sucks, it really does. I have experienced all three as well.

Car broken into (They ripped the dashboard off with a crow bar to steal the really cool stereo that B had installed.)

This past week I found out my identity has been stollen and it has been a nightmare to deal with and will be a long road I'm sure. Make sure you keep an eye on your credit for any new credit card applications etc. And cancel all your current cards!

And I lost Lucey's ring. I think I would rather have lost my wedding ring than Lucey's ring, because at least I still have my husband.

But material things are just that, material, they can all be replaced. The mental affect is a little harder to take but eventually you get over it, well, for the most part anyway LOL.

I'm sorry this has all happened to you. I am glad you are there with your mom and dad, enjoying the "Messages" and the storms rolling in, but remember, no storm lasts forever, they all go away at some point and the rainbows come out.

Melissa Miller said...

Hello Jennifer,
It's so nice to meet you. Your blog is wonderful! I just found you through Amber at "The Shabbee Chicks" blog.

We have a military connection in common. I do hope you visit me soon. You are welcome to follow along as well.

So sorry for your recent troubles. UGH! How frustrating.
I wish you could somehow get your wedding rings back. Sigh. I'm glad your son was okay with his health.

~Blessings to you and your family.
~Warmly, Melissa :)

happy zombie said...

Oh Jennifer! How awful. Awful, awful, awful. I feel for you and your family. I'm so glad Wyatt is ok and that you are all safe.

PamKittyMorning said...

hugs to you. xo

karen said...

So sorry for ths lost of your rings, but everyone is safe and thank God for that. Glad you son is fine and all this nastiness is over and can't be changed no matter how hard you 'rethink' it. Darn it anyway! It brought tears to my eyes to think that someone would do this knowing you had two children in this car.....