Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hampton Quilt Show

Yesterday was a very exciting day-I went to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, Virginia. I went with some new quilting friends, and we had a blast! The pictures are all over the place, because, well...I was all over the place! I think I've got them a little more organized, so here we go! First off, the quilts!

I loved this outfit. I just LOVE bluebirds!

Now, for the shopping! I came across an adorable little booth by a shop from New Hampshire. They definitely got a portion of my economic stimulus package! The owner was super nice and she had a gorgeous selection of Lecien fabric and trims! If any of you live near the shop, its definitely worth checking out. The rest f us will just have make do with their website!The first thing that caught my eye was two quilts by Bren. Imagine my shock when I heard the owner telling another customer that they were the actual samples made by Bren herself! With a gasp, I pulled out my camera and started clicking away. It was like seeing the Mona Lisa at the Louvre!
I know a lot of you would've loved this little was all vintage trims and linens!

Now for a few pics of my loot! I picked up Elly Sienkiewicz's "Baltimore Elegance", since a Baltimore Album quilt is my next big project!
A few vintage finds for my studio remodel
And some fabric! The bright polka-dot fabric is for a project using these, I'll being making some hexies out of the "Baskets of Flowers" charm pack, a "Soiree" jelly roll for a quilt for MOI, and a stack of Lecien fat quarter!

And, lastly, a little announcement. I've been delaying telling you all this, just in case it fell through. But since the contract is signed, I think it might be okay. Yep, that's it, down below, along with some fabric I am using in a new pattern (more on that later).Anyhoo, I sold the rights to a pattern to the AP&Q magazine family. The pattern is going to be published in their upcoming special issue, "More Fast & Fabulous" (a follow-up to last year's "Fast & Fabulous"). I owe it all to Monica, for making me send a picture of the project to the magazine. Seriously, she is a total rock star. I wish she would adopt me. I could follow her around all day and say things like, "Yes, Monica. That's perfect, Monica. You are so fabulous, Monica." And overall, just bask in her creative fabulosity. Okay, back on track. I made the project using my stash of April Cornell fabric from about 2 years ago. In celebration of the 'launch' of the magazine, I am going to be giving away kits on my blog! So keep checking back.
Happy stitching!


Joy said...

Those quilts are absolutely breathtaking!!!
Congratulations on your AP&Q contract, that's fabulous!!! Which pattern is it?? I'll keep my eye for the magazine down here :o).
Joy :o)

rachel griffith said...

omg jennifer!!!
that's awesome honey.

yayyy monica for giving you that nudge!!!

i'll be saving up my irish luck for one of thsoe quilt kits!!!

SewAmy said...

Hi Jennifer, I went to the show today. I took my grandma and we had so much fun. I remember that booth you have a picture of, I wrote down the title of the pattern. I should have taken a photo of it like you. I can't wait to see you pattern. We will it come out?

Jeanette said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting.

And I am glad you had fun at the quilt show too.

from little acorns said...

Hi Jennifer - Hey! Congratulations on your pattern submission! Woo-hoo! I can't wait to see. . . !
It's so funny to see my quilts. . . it's like seeing my 'kids' on a vacation without me! But I know they are good hands in Mary Jane's booth (The Christmas Shoppe) . . & at least they are getting to go to the Quilt Festival - even if I don't get to! (But your photos are wonderful & make me feel like I did got to visit a little!)
I also agree with you about Monica. . . isn't she 'the best' !?!
xo, Bren

happy zombie said...

If you follow me around, I'm putting on one of those bike helmets with the little rear view mirror thingies... so I can bask in your creative mojo! Being privey to your APQ project comes with a double edged sword for me - I'm giddy that I know your secret... but I'm also about to explode because I have to keep mum on something so stinkin' cute that I want to show everyone! I'm so over the moon happy for you - but totally not surprised it's going to be published. YOU'RE GOING TO BE PUBLISHED!!!!

Loved your show and tell from the quilt show... especially seeing Bren's quilts! I love everything Bren creates and makes - and I love her too!

I just have to say this again... YOU'RE GOING TO BE PUBLISHED!!! :o)

PamKittyMorning said...

Congrats. That's so awesome. Monica is the best!