Monday, January 19, 2009

Fat man in a little stroller

So I'm writing my term paper, when I heard Todd singing "faaaat maaan in a little stroller...faaat maaan in a little stroller" I look up, and there's Wyatt in a doll stroller! In case you don't know the 'fat man' reference, there's a clip here.
I've been busy busy making samples for the shop and writing papers for school. Yuck! Almost done! I'm already dreaming of the things I'm going make for me! I'm rolling into a new decade in less than 2 weeks. Not very happy. I will accpet your condolences.


rachel griffith said...

OMG i about died reading this!!!
we ALWAYS, and i mean ALWAYS, sing that song in my house.

such a cutie you have there!!!

The Quilt Buddy said...

Jennifer you are too funny!

You litt;e man is too cute! Good luck w/your paper!

Joy said...

Oh he's just adorable!!! Look at those gorgeous big eyes, I bet he is a perfect angel ;o).
Joy :o)

jen duncan said...

LOL!! That's just about how we entertain ourselves around here. :-D Good times...good times.

SewAmy said...

my husband loves that movie. that is so funny. What kind of term paper are you write? I mean what are you going to school for?

Cara said...

OMG!!!LOLOL! Too cute- my hubby loves that movie and that is the funniest part! Good luck with your paper.

Carolyn said...

That picture is HILARIOUS. What a cute story. :) Thanks for sharing.

Janice Lois said...

ha ha ha ha!!! what a funny pic. Well, I love that stroller.